Beauty shopping trip and tips

Yesterday i got myself in trouble. I headed to the nearest beauty product store to get myself some blush and primer and ended up with a total of $86 worth of stuff… Ohh my. I went way over budget but the things i picked up are well worth it. This article is not to just to tell you run out and get this or to over spend but to let you know a little about the products i picked up so you can see which ones would be best for you.

i had just picked up new cover up a few days ago called lumi by l’Oreal , i must say it works wonders! I absolutely love it ( if you have oily skin you need to make sure to add a base to it before using or use a non shine top coat of powder) . As i am loving my new cover up, i headed into the makeup section again to find some more new products. As lumi gives you a flawless face i wanted to get some blush (which i never have used) to add some color to my cheeks this fall. I also picked up some primer (pictured) which i love, I also wanted some new brushes for applying foundation and concealer, i picked up some soho brushes (pictured). I didn’t have much else to buy in the makeup section since i already have enough that could last me years, so i headed to where the face care products are.

I myself need products to help my skin stay clear , i breakout from stress (which i stress a lot) where others may breakout from many other things. Now days most any store has a million different face and acne products, I went with neutrogena acne stress control which i have used before and it worked. Just make sure to take your time in this section and choose what is best for you and your skin. Next i wanted something that was going to get deep down in my pours and really clean my skin , i have looked around a lot and decided to go with a wave (pictured) , i tried it out last night and let me tell you it’s amazing! It is a must have! I also picked up l’Oreal texture prefector and it is very amazing also, just one day after first use and i can already feel a difference in my skin.

Last but not least i headed to the hair products. I love hair , everything about it but I have been highly upset for awhile about mine. About 2 years ago i decided to go blonde and went to a professional to get it done after a few months i started to notice my hair was falling out and felt very dry after a few more months i decided to go back to brown thinking my hair will repair itself (dumb idea) after about a year and  a half of waiting and still no luck , i was very upset and was not happy with my hair until i found bioinfusion hair products (pictured) , They are amazingly awesome and have the perfect product for any hair, and did i mention they are sulfate free.

price listing:

lumi cover up $12 – 14

primer $6-8

blush $4-6

acne wash $7-9

wave plus extra clean pads $19

shampoo and conditioner $8-10

brushes $6-12

texture perfector $20-25


When using the wave make sure to have already washed off as much make up and dirt as possible.

Apply lumi cover up with foundation brush (like the ones pictured) for best coverage and flawless look.

Apply only small amount of primer to face and neck , to much can make skin look shiny.

Mix blush with bronzer on cheeks to give it a extra kick.

when washing hair use cold – warmish water to rinse. Use a after product from same brand as shampoo and conditioner. The more natural the better the product.

use l’Oreal texture prefector in the morning and night after you clean your face. It will make the skin amazing.