Building your own studio

IMG_20140606_052441Not everyone has the ability to build their own studio, but if you have a space, 200-500 to invest and the right kind of mind, then you can do it pretty easily.

The first thing you are going to need to do is find a space you are able to use, most people from what i seen are using a closet. I personally like using a smaller closet but i have seen others use large to even walk in closets.

Next you have to invest, of course you need you a mic, mic stand, recording equipment which is where most the money you spend will go into. It is up to you how much you want to spend. Some people starting off or needing to record for small projects and such just want to get the least expensive. While others want the best and most quality, which if your recording for a serious project(s) or something you are putting all your effort into, i would recommend getting the best quality you can and stretching your budget a bit. Talk to someone who knows their stuff and will really know how to get you the best quality for less. There is also lots of sites online that have great deals on good quality mics and studio equipment.

Lastly sound proofing. A lot of people think the foam is expensive, but really it is actually the least expensive out of everything. Make sure to measure and buy enough to cover around the area you will be recording.

Whether your recording for voice overs, music or for ads, remember its not about the place, you could be at your home or a major studio, what really matters is the passion, effort and natural talent.

~ Rachel Christina‚ô• ~
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