downloadI’m sure a lot of women can relate when i say “why did i do that to my hair”.  When looking back on my hair choices i can truthfully admit i regret what i have done to my hair, no i don’t regret crazy hairstyles i once liked but the damage i did, from constant dying  to bleaching it for a year to be “blonde”, to over shampooing. I did to much and too fast.

Recently i came across a woman starting to use coconut oil for her hair but she wasn’t to sure about it. I had heard a lot about using coconut oil for cooking and baking but never thought of it as a hair or beauty product. I decided to go online and check out prices and info on it, after coming across $3 sample size bottles i bought one to try it out.

After it arrived i had to try right away,  i got my hair lightly wet squeezed out about a size of a quarter and work it into my roots to mid hair length, then i did they same amount again and worked it towards the ends of my hair. Then I clipped up my hair and left it in for 30 minutes (some people may want to give it longer) . After rinsing out and doing a lite shampoo and conditioner i noticed it was still a bit greasy looking so i had to rinse and wash again. Once my hair dried i was amazed! My hair was so silky and looked so much healthier, even the texture and body changed. I do admit the frizz did not go away but with it more manageable and silky that makes up for it. Hopefully in weeks to come it keeps approving this way and i will be hooked for life.

Another way i used it was on my face, i took a tiny amount and lightly swirled it around my whole face. After a minute i rinsed it off, my skin had a beautiful glow to it and much smoother feel.

I must say not everything you hear online or from others is true, but now that i have proof with a glowing face and silky hair. I have to give coconut oil a big thumbs UP and recommend to anyone, especially those with damaged, drained out hair.

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