Easy beauty and hair tricks

Even if you aren’t big into makeup and hair we can all use tricks that work for our benefit. Here are a few tricks and tips i have learned over the years that i hope benefit you. I am in no way a professional, but i am a very much into health and beauty.

One tip i learned recently is tooth paste on your nose to get rid of blackheads! All i did is put a small layer of tooth paste on the problem areas of my nose, left it for about 20 minutes and then washed my nose. I did notice improvement and my nose felt great! (FYI i used fluoride free and all natural tooth paste)

This one has to do with makeup haha. About a year and a half ago i started getting into makeup more and especially trying out professional makeup artist tricks. One trick i learned and now LOVE is contouring! Have a certain place on your face you don’t like? Don’t even think about plastic surgery! For spots you want to highlight (cheek bones,sides of nose,forehead) use a darker color foundation stick or bronzer. For spots you want to hide (middle on nose,under eyes,chin) use a light concealer, go for one 1 to 2 shades lighter than your normal foundation color. (I am hoping to to make a video or at least do a tutorial with pictures soon of how i contour soon, so be on the look out. )

Next is a more 2 in 1 trick. Over the years i really damaged my hair from dying and styling to much. I still have problems some days, to be honest, but what i have learned a great product that isn’t exactly a “hair product” which is oils. I love using olive and coconut oil on my hair! It’s a great natural moisturizer and does not have all the chemicals normal hair product have. I did write a post about how to use the coconut oil on you hair before, so check it out also at http://rc-exclusive.com/coconut-oil-for-hair/ .. The second tip that goes along with this is to not wash your hair a lot. I cut down washing my hair to once or twice a week (once in awhile more). You have natural oils in your hair, so if you are constantly washing you are damaging your hair. I know some girls hate going a day with out washing their hair, but it will help you hair and do it naturally.

Last but not least, fruit and egg white facials. I personally use bananas or blueberries for the fruit facials and of course just plain egg whites for the egg one. It may sound weird or gross but it really will make your skin feel great and its also pretty simple and easy! Just smash up the fruit in a bowl (or egg whites), use either a small brush you don’t care about throwing away or wash your hands with soap and water and use them. Spread it across your face (make sure not to get in eyes), leave on for 5-20 minutes and then wash off.

Hope you enjoy these
xoxo `Rachel Christina ♥