Exploring Talent

We all have things we love to do, but rather than looking at them as a career we often look at then as just a small hobby. As seeing how people love to always tell others what is right and what is wrong to do, i see a lot of individuals getting turned away from even trying to pursue a income from their talent or hobby. Today i wanted to talk about some ways it is possible and how to start in the right direction.

First off you got to be ready to explore. There will be days you will be ready to give up or get very unmotivated but you have to think positive and really think what could come out of it. Start off with just basic research, you can talk to a few friends or maybe a relative that does something similar, but remember for the most part you need to be able to find stuff yourself or if you have a partner work it out with them before running to others. Also be ready to get turned away a lot. Stuff always takes wrong turns and some things go the complete opposite of what you were expecting, so always have a mind set of dusting it off and getting right back at it.

Next you need to have a reasoning and skills set up, if you are going out to be lets say a “model” you can’t just walk into a interview and have nothing to say for yourself or no pictures ready, same for a musician or artist or even just as if you have a self run business you can’t just sell things you don’t have. You have to have things lined up and have a reasoning to be wanting to do what you do. Some people may never see it, but all that matters is if you do.

Now when it comes to social media and having online marketing this can go good and also it can go very bad. With social marketing it is very important to keep updated, share new things, and keep up with what you showing off. If you are selling things it is very important to have all regulations set up somewhere view able on either your site or where the traffic of people are coming to. Always put out what you want people to see not what you think people will like. Be ready to deal with ups and downs of social media. You will have many critics but if you love what you do you will not even mind them.

Also remember its ok to do more than one thing. If you are a singer but want to come out with some jewelry for sell nothing is wrong with that and at the end of the day it might even bring in more viewers to your music. Also finding more than one skill to put out and pursue or finding a side hobby can make things even more possible because of the more revenue coming in and your numbers will jump of your fan base because you are bringing in people from different directions.

It doesn’t matter if you are a musician, artist , model , designer, selling custom work or have a store, you have to remember the most important things. Stay on top of things, keep updated, don’t take in judgement unless it is useful, market well, work hard and mostly believe in yourself and talent! You might here “why don’t you just get a 9-5″ or “that will never go big” but that should go in one ear and out the other if you are serious about exploring your talent and taking it to a further extent, hey you might end up having to get a 9-5 to support yourself for awhile, just don’t give up on what your real goal is.

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xoxo ` ~ Rachel Christina ♥