Fall Fashion Tips

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, who doesn’t love seeing the leaves turning orange, the weather getting a bit cooler and the scent of pumpkin in the air! Here are a few tips i believe any woman can use this time of year.


One thing i love about fall is i get to layer my clothes. You can go a long way with just a few pieces when layering! From cute sweaters, jackets and tops, you can get a great combinations of outfits! Get a few solid color jackets or sweaters and mix it up with different fun tops underneath. Even some summer tops you can use in the fall if you layer them right, as long as they have more deeper or neutral colors they can work. Another thing that goes good with layering is scarfs, they can add warmth to you and your look. Have more laid back colors on? Pair a nice bright color scarf with your look and you are good to go! And of course if you are wearing more brighter colors a nice white or black scarf will go great.  Just remember to try different combinations and see what works best for you!


Jewelry is a anytime of year piece, but when it comes to fall that’s when it can play a big part in your day to day look. I personally love having on darker colors and paring it with a nice statement necklace. Also a lot of times in colder weather we tend to wear a lot of black, that’s when jewelry is needed and can make any outfit come to life. When shopping for jewelry ask yourself if the piece will go with a lot of clothing you already own and if you will feel comfortable wearing it. Another great thing is long statement necklaces, skip the scarf and pair one with a sweater on a warmer fall day.


Boots, boots, boots! Whether you like flat boots, heeled boots, short or tall boots, they go great with any look! I know personally i love my black boots but reach out and go for different colors!  Even going for a statement boot with tassels or a chains on them.  Feel a outfit is dull? Pair it with a nice pair of boots and you’re good to go! Good boots talk for themselves.


Last but not least jackets.  Even though i love summer, i love my jackets and even some summer days i miss wearing them. Go wild and find yourself some fun jackets. I know i love army and cheetah prints, but also some great colors for fall are deep reds, purples and tans. “Fake” leather jackets are great, but also remember to try out some pattern or print ones too! A good jacket can go a long way and you can get a lot of use out of it.

Have fun and remember to enjoy the colors of fall! :)

xoxo ~ Rachel Christina ♥