Fashion and beauty trends

ysl-quoteMost everyone loves to express themselves, when it comes to style and beauty that’s when a lot of girls get the courage to really do it. I know i have always. So with everything we see from tv to magazines why does it feel a lot of girls and women are losing their own style and turning into copies. I really hate seeing girls have no courage to express and be themselves, now days its either to little clothes or everyone has to have the same things. So where is the line of going to far of becoming a copy and following to many trends?… Here is just a few tips to always keep in mind!

My number 1 rule when it comes to fashion or beauty is never do something that you are not comfortable with! Don’t feel like its you to wear a bright lipstick? Then don’t wear one! Now self confidence is very important but that’s where you have to say i know i could rock a crazy bright lipstick but i just don’t feel like it fits me. There is a big difference between looking down on yourself and looking out for yourself!

My next tip is if all your friends have it, it’s the last thing you should need to get. Remember back in the days in elementary school where it was soo cool that you and all your friends had a few of the same shirts and dresses, but now that you’ve grown up you need to find your own style. Now i understand a few friends with something you absolutely love and would love to have, so if that’s the case try and see if you can find it in a different color or a slightly different style. There is nothing wrong with loving something you see on someone else but you should never want something just because that’s what everyone else is wearing or buying.

Now when it comes to runways and magazines telling you what is the latest trend or style this is where a lot of us go wrong, now we all have seen certain items we love. To tell you the truth, i love everything about clothing/fashion but when it comes to the clothing on supermodels and a lot of high end designer lines most the time they do not catch my eye other than a “wtf is she wearing” moment once in awhile haha. But to be serious it really is sad to see and hear grown women saying they got their clothing and beauty ideas all from someone else or what a magazine said was trending. Find yourself and dress for yourself. Never be a copy or just a trend. Find what fits you, if it happens to be “trending” great if not so what! If it fits you, go for it!

Love yourself, style yourself and only strive to be the best you!

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” ~ Coco Chanel

xoxo ~ Rachel Christina ♥♥