Fashion favorites, advice and tips

1486561_402082713269014_489052522_nEver since i was a kid i have always been into fashion. Yes I’ve made many mistakes but that’s what led me to the point of where i am now. I have many pictures of me as a child around 5 and 6 wearing the craziest things, but hey, that was me and my style at the time. As we grow up we start to learn what we feel comfortable in, some girls are comfortable only in t-shirt and jeans and others only wear the latest trends. As for myself i like to think i’m in between and really have my own since of style. It is all about self expression.

In the last few years i have tried out many new looks, from one day rocking my favorite jeans, a simple top and a light sweater to the next wearing a full out dress, heels and statement jewelry. That’s just me… For beginners that are just starting to follow fashion or that are trying to find their own since of it i recommended simple small steps at a time.  Start off by getting main everyday pieces as in jeans to wear with anything (black, dark wash, light wash) , tanks and plain shirts that can be layered then going from there. I also recommended picking out a few necklaces , bracelets and rings that fit you and can go with really any color/style of outfit. I have two main necklaces i wear all the time with so many different outfits , they come in handy and add a quick spice up to any look.

Next i recommended to always switch up and try different pairing. Lets say you are wearing jeans and a tank , try out a few different sweaters, coats or layering tops before just jumping on the first one. Same goes with wearing a new dress or skirt , don’t be afraid to layer or change up. Don’t forget to also try out different jewelry or shoes. Don’t be afraid to pair a wild jewelry piece with a more laid back outfit or change up a pair of your flats for heels. Sometimes accessories and shoes are what make a outfit.

Lastly i recommended try on clothing pieces you would think you would never like. I remember back when i thought i would look horrid in maxi dresses and could never picture myself buying or wearing one, until one day while i was shopping at the mall and saw one hanging beautifully on a manikin and decided to try it on. To this day it is still one of my favorite dresses and now maxi’s are one of my summer must haves! Trying out new things is a must do, though please remember do not and i mean do not follow others and buy something just because they say that item is in and everyone needs it. I cannot stand when girl’s think they have to have what everyone else has. Be yourself, It all about finding your style. There is nothing wrong with looking and getting ideas of looks in magazines or buying items a lot of others have just as long as you really like it. Express yourself and no matter what you wear or buy make sure your always being and dressing for you and no one else.

Quick Tips~

1. Don’t buy something right away… Think do i already have something like this? Do i have the right jacket or jewelry to go with this?  Am i buying this because i really love it? Will i wear it more than once?

2. Don’t splurge unless you really have to… Think should i check online to make sure i can’t get it for a better deal? should i put it on hold and come back for it later after i look around more?

3. Buy pieces as in jewelry, shoes and purses that can go with lots of different outfits.. We all need a few jewelry pieces that are easy to wear with anything. For shoes think neutral as in a nice pair of black boots that can be dressy or casual. Lastly for a purse i recommend a neutral to that can be your go to bag with any outfit.

4. limit your opinions.. I know some many girl’s that are happy with something until they ask 10 of their friends and a couple of them have negative opinions on it. Keep it to a small group of only a few close friends that you know really do know you well, but don’t forget if you’re wearing it you have the last say.