Are you an artist ? part of a band? tired of making amazing music but not getting enough of the exposure you  feel you deserve ?! well no more problems I took much time researching and studying what helps artist get recognized and gets them the fans they want!


START POINT –  first of all if you want to grab peoples attention you need to have something different and recognizable.   make sure before putting yourself out there you sound presentable . you have to invest in equipment . build yourself before releasing yourself. Also invest in high quality graphics to share  the release of your song or album . Something  really eye catching but that looks nice so people know your serious about your stuff . ( If you use cheap or don’t invest in your work your gonna look cheap and be just another musician )


USING THE WEB TO MARKET-  most people by now have facebooks with at least 100 friends , so make a page for yourself advertise to your friends then go from there.         Next go to some of these , really take the time go through some of them and share , share , share – these  websites seem to get you the most fans and recognition  /  / / / / or a local radio station that supports local artists. we wise and on your game at all times.

Once sharing through those websites and your ready to start making videos start with youtube then start sharing everywhere , you can go from 5 to 20,000 views in one day . Just make sure your videos are high quality . Most likely no one is going to sit through  3 minutes of a crappy video with a bad concept.

The number one thing to remember is to stay connected check through friends connections and connected with other local artists. Stay true to yourself and your goals never give up on something you truly love and are passionate about. Don’t ever let anyone’s negative comments or feelings about you effect your passion. Be you , invest in yourself and always believe . love what you do , do what you love .