Green smoothies

Most all try and stay healthy but its hard with a busy life or not a lot of options. When it comes down to it a lot of people would love to stay on the right track but in a moments notice all they have time for is something to pop in out of the microwave and leave, that is the thing i love about smoothies especially now green smoothies. In a moments notice you can pop together a full healthy meal in a cup!

My thing about making one of these green smoothies is always add a bit more of the vegetables then you think you would need, when its all blended the vegetables do not over power the fruits so pack them in there!

We all love a healthy glow and eating healthy is one way to get it!

~ What to use ~

For vegetables you can use spinach , kale , carrots , avocado , green peppers , pumpkin etc..

For fruits bananas , cherries , strawberries , blueberries , orange , pears , plums , peaches , mango’s , pomegranates , kiwi ,  raspberries  etc..

For liquid almond milk, coconut water , organic juice , water etc..

You may also add in things such as chia seeds , flax seeds , protein powder etc for extra benefits.

Tip: always look for organic fruits and vegetables !

My favorite right now is organic spinach , banana and pear with almond milk or flavored coconut water !