Hair Products – where they go wrong

We all have favorite hair products, we all have our own hair routines, but then to look in the mirror and see frizzy, damaged or dry hair is really upsetting. There is many different things that can damage or dry out hair, from hair treatments, dying, heating tools etc.. I know for many years i hated my hair, it was dry, damaged, frizzy and anything else you can think of. Now thinking your hair is going to be perfect is going to lead to disappointment, we are human and hair is hair, but after much trial and error i have learned why hair doesn’t turn out how you pictured it to look, even after putting many hours and many products into it.

First off, i have talked a lot about hair masks, now if you are new to reading let me tell you, natural hair masks are great! Only use natural or organic ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado, olive oil or special hair oils, bananas, or even different kinds of fruit. Now as much as i love them, they are not the key to success, they are just a start.

The big change to your hair is the hair products you use, from shampoo and condition and the after wash products. Now just because the shampoo is expensive or the bottle tells you it will “soften your hair or take frizz away” don’t trust it! I have tried sooo many different shampoo and conditioners from all different stores, some expensive and some cheaper. But at the end of the day the price really means nothing. You have to look at the ingredients! Look for shampoos and conditioners that are organic or all natural ingredients, have no sulfates or harsh ingredients and have great natural oils. Most stores (even grocery stores) have a section for natural and organic beauty products. Take a few minutes, read the front and back of bottles and look for the key things mentioned above. Another great thing is most the organic products are non animal tested!

After you switch, watch and see how your hair changes! It will do what you want it to do, because instead of the normal brand shampoo and conditioner that has harsh ingredients, but is said to make your hair smoother or less frizzy, the organic shampoo can do it all naturally and will make your hair what it is made to be and keep it that way because your hair will be able to breath naturally without all the chemicals.


xoxo ~ Rachel Christina ♥