Pink-Glitter-Lips-Kawaii-Make-Up-InspirationWe all have a favorite color, so when it comes to choosing a lipstick color is it the only color you go to? Why not try out some new colors and shades and have some fun. Life is about exploring and trying new things! Today i decided to write a quick article on tips of shades of lipstick i think are great for everyone and the shades that work better on certain people. Hope you enjoy!

First off i wanna say you should always feel free to try new colors out, just always make sure you feel comfortable. A shade that really works great on everyone is pink. I love using all different shades of pinks. If you do darker eye makeup i like to go with a light bright shiny pink and if you go a bit litter on eye makeup i like to use a medium pink or matte pink. For everyday use, if you have a natural light complexion i say go to the light sides of pinks or pinks with a off kind of tone, if you are more medium to darker complexion i say go for the medium and darker pinks. If you wanna go with a everyday gloss i would say the same thing. Now i understand some pinks just don’t work on certain people, but there is sooo many different shades out there you are sure to find one.. or two. 😉

Now for red i say anyone can really rock it, it’s just about what you do with the rest of your makeup. When going with a red lipstick you cannot over do your eye makeup, go with either just a black liner, a black/white duo or a bronzed look. Now with the different shades of reds i say its kind of similar to pinks, lighter complexions go with lighter and medium/darker complexions with the little darker ones. For example if you have fair skin go with a more lighter matte red lipstick, if you are more on the beige side go with a deeper red with a more of shine to it, but if you do have a darker skin complexion or are going for the bronzed look i say dark shades look good but you can even go with lights or a red/orange shade.

When it comes to some new colors as in purples, i say its all about personal preferences. I personally like lighter shiny purples while others i know either would never wear a purple or like darker shades of it. When it comes to trying a color like this i say try a few out in a wide range of different shades, make yourself feel comfortable with the color or you will never end up wearing it.

Last but not least nude shades. I absolutely love the look of nude lipstick and think anyone can really pull it off with any kind of look. I personally like all shades of it, but my favorites are the more light natural looking shades. Again it is up to you to choose what fits you best and suits your look, if you want a more easy going look or already have a colorful eye going on i think nudes work best.

xoxo ~ Rachel Christina ♥
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