Makeup – eyeshadow vs pigments

The eyes are what gives the whole face a pop! Ever since i was around 13 or 14 i would occasionally wear makeup , lets just say being that young and inexperienced with it , it didn’t always turn out looking so great but remembering back i always loved to play with eye makeup and shadows the most. At this time i knew nothing about pigments , color contrast or self control with makeup , i used to over load my lids with one color thinking i looked great.  Now years later and much time spent practicing i know a little more.

For the past couple years i have been loving playing with colors and smokey eyes , i love colors such as greens , golds , browns and all other darker tones since i have hazel eyes that occasionally turn different colors but most these colors plus any neutral shades can work with anyone, also smokey eyes look great on anyone when applied properly.

As I love doing shadows i noticed by the end of the day most of it would be gone, even sometimes when applying with a eye shadow primer and i always hated when the shadows started to clump or look messy, so recently i saw a video on pigments and had to order some to try.

After one try with pigments i’m hooked! They last all day and feel so light. Pigments can cost anywhere from $5 – $50 depending on the brand and order size , i ordered mine in bulk online and got a great deal ,  just remember to take time to find colors you need and would actually use and to shop around for best deals.

To apply the pigments i use a small eye shadow brush get the very end tip of it just a little bit wet and dip in the pigment just getting a little at a time. With pigments you want to start out with less and build up not the other way around, another thing with pigments is that it they can be flaky so if it falls to another place on your face pat it away do not smear it away or a mark will be left.

Pigments are great with doing wild looks or just stand out looks they are also great when blending. I always apply 2-4 colors and blend right into each other , i love how the colors will just flow into each other and look settle but still stand out.


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