NEW YEAR ~ same you, new mind set

First off happy new years!! 2014 is here. This last year has been a crazy year for me. I’ve had many ups and downs, but most importantly many great memories. From trips, to moving and new business adventures it was great. Thanks to 2013 for laying the foundation to my 2014 and many many years to come.

As it is just a hour after midnight as i am writing this i am excited to just think of all the positive things to come. I remember starting off last year with so many worries and wonders, don’t get me wrong, it’s good to think about your future, but not to the point where you take your mind to a negative spot and it stays there. It is all about mind set. If you let your mind go to a place of ” i may never get it done” or “i might be able to do it” or “i’m not good enough” that is where it will stay. Even the most impossible things can be accomplished, like the saying ” if there is a will, there is a way” .

I know from experience that you can have the most perfect path planned out but it can still lead you to a totally different one, and that’s ok. Live the life you want to live but also let life lead you in new directions. Never let a set back stop you from pursuing something that you dream of.

I hope and know you all will make this year a great one! Remember to always keep that mind in the right spot. Try something new and never stop at what you want to accomplish!


`Happy new year 2014` ♥