New Oil you should try!

We all love to try new things, from what we eat, do, see, on and on.. I for one love trying out new products, but if your like me, its hard to decide on which products to try. Most importantly i always make sure to do research first to make sure they meet my standards, and you should too. If you have allergies/ worries, please consult a professional before trying anything.

Recently i went into a “health store” and had some time to look around. After looking over the oils for a bit, i decided to try Apricot oil and was on my way. After using it just once a day for a week i noticed wonderful changes! Here is my insight on use and benefits.

Benefits of Apricot oil-  1. Helps moisturize dry or irritated skin

2. Helps with Hair growth, dryness and irritation

3. Helps with fine lines / marks on face and body

4. Helps with dark circles under eyes

Face –  On my face i use it under my eyes and in dry places. I notice if i put a little on before bed i wake up looking way more refreshed then usual, and the darkness under my eyes is noticeably lighter!

Body – I use it on dry skin patches and random marks. I notice it does improve my skin texture, elasticity and look, even with just one use!


Hope you can use and see benefits from this oil. If you have any recommendations / questions make sure to connect with me and lets chat!

xoxo – Rachel Christina