overcoming obstacles

flowerWe all have things that hit us in life that are unexpected. Somethings we had time to prepare for and others they just hit us. The last couple weeks i have been having a hard time with unexpected things and have been feeling down, but really thinking about it we all have choices. We can either let the obstacles take us down for good or break down get back up and make a better choice for ourselves.

The first step i believe in overcoming something is to except it. If something happened you can take it back, but you have the choice to overcome. Think about options and apply it to you. Not everyone will understand your choice but at the end of the day it’s yours. Don’t let others decisions of how they handle things make you feel as the the only choice.

The next step is talk to one person you trust. One thing i have learned over the years is going to a group of family members or friends is not a good choice when making a hard decisions or trying to overcome a obstacles in life. Hearing so many opinions will make you alter the right choice for yourself. Go to someone trusted that you know will talk with you about the best choice for you or will just let you vent. At the end of the day though it is all your choice and up to you!

Last but not least it is ok to break down, as long as you know you can put yourself back together you have a right to break down! It seems now days a lot of people feel as if they can’t express themselves or let feelings out but don’t follow that. Breaking down is actually better on our body then to keep it bottled up and hidden. Express your feelings, if you don’t have someone you feel comfortable enough to express feeling in front of or you want to be alone its ok, listen to your favorite music or take a warm bath and let your body feel.

Just remember you are never alone there is always someone out there to help and if you feel you can not get over something talk to someone. Breakdown, cry, feel but pick that head back up and get to the point you need to get back to.

xoxo ~ Rachel Christina ♥♥