Refresh your health

We all have our days, whether you are having a hard week, you monthly friend is visiting, you haven’t had enough sleep or for whatever else reasoning, our bodies are always trying to tell us something. Always listen.

Let me start off by saying i am not a professional but i do have some experience in this thing we call life.  About 6 years ago i decided i wanted to take care of myself and listen to what my body is telling me, i started eating healthier and exercising, it made a lot of improvement in my life but it never really fully hit me until a few years back when i went into it 100%.

By 100% i mean doing more research than just the basics, i read lots of other random blogs, found tons of support and group pages and fully gave myself into it.

The first step to getting your mind right and into motion is letting go of the fear or wonder, if you have questions reach out, do research and put in the work. no matter if you are trying to lose weight, get over trauma or just wanting to start something new, you have to give it effort.

For the healthy body you have to start at what you feed it. I’m not saying you can never enjoy a bowl of icecream, you just have to know moderation and my favorite ” count chemicals not calories”. So many times whether it be in the grocery store or online i see people thinking all theses “foods” that tells them they are low in calories or for diets are good for them, which in truth it is what will kill you. I understand times are tough but really truthfully you can get much more use out of fruits and vegetables, than buying a box labeled diet bars.. bottom line read labels deeper than just looking at the calories count.

My suggestions for the first steps to getting smarter and healthier about what you eat is start incorporating more fruits and veggies into your meals, it may seem easy but i have talked to plenty of people who have told me they barley eat one vegetable a day and wouldn’t know where to start, a good way i started out was making green smoothies (don’t knock them until you try them, read about them at ) it is a small effort and meal enhancer that can make big changes. Another easy change is to switch up your favorite foods for better versions of them, for example i love crackers/chips/snack mix, but instead of going for the normal brands with a thousand ingredients, artificial flavors and colors, i shop around and look for better options.  Just the other day i was comparing, i saw Kettle brand potato chips with about 7 ingredients (all of which i can read!) and NON GMO verified on sale for $2, then in the “normal” department of chips which have about 30 ingredients and are pilled full of fake crap were on sale for about $3.50. Don’t say better is always more expensive, if you take the time and effort you can find the deals and make easy changes into a healthier you.

Feed your body and mind at the same time. Make better choices and don’t believe everything you read labeled on front of boxes or see on TV.

Keep an eye out for more articles coming soon!

~ Rachel Christina`