Shopping and deals at it’s best!

We all have those days where we see something in a magazine or on social media site that all of a sudden we feel the dying need to have , then to find out its way out of the price range we could ever afford or allow ourselves to spend. Sucks don’t it, but let me tell you a secret. You may have felt like if you don’t buy it now you may never be able to get it or find it again , wrong! You know want to know how many times i have kicked myself buying something to fast.  stores and sales company’s want you to feel as if you don’t get it now you never will be able to, but for the most part that’s the farthest from the truth. I have found the same dress that i was dying to have (that i thought only existed in one online store , wrong) for a $35 difference! One was priced at $60 and other at only $25! I got a $35 savings just by typing a few key words from the first dress into Google and finding a cheaper retailer with the same exact dress.  I have also researched and found some of the best places to find deals and savings on clothing, makeup , jewelry , purses , etc.. The ones i have personally used and bought from are a lot of out of usa sellers such as china , Korea and uk (make sure they are real companies and do not have a bad rep also, google works well for any search) I like out of usa sellers because a lot of things we buy here in the usa are from over seas, if you buy directly from them you are not getting the extra charges and money added on to the price like they do at stores here . (watch out for size differences though , big stress with returns!)  I personally like to shop on sites that are always having sales , almost if their products are on sale everyday! I like sites such as ebay ( look around , lots of items same but different price!) , , amazon , (best sales!). Sales switch back and forth everyday, so watch out! If you’re not sure about something don’t buy it right away chances are it will be on sale within a few weeks! Don’t jump onto any item unless it’s a can’t live without (for sure)!

Another thing i want to talk about is discontinued and out of business sales! Always watch out for these ! I have gotten a $100 purse for about $10 before at a going out of business sale! All you have to do is a little research and there sure is to be one! Also don’t be afraid to buy a discontinued product , if you get a great price (make sure it is , not a trick to make you think it is just because it discontinued )  get it! Nothing wrong with trying a discontinued item then if you like it buying a higher end brand of it, actually that’s the best way to go! Test runs are the best!

Now with makeup and hair products don’t be afraid to go to a makeup consultant and ask for samples or try runs (hair products also). Lots of privet makeup sellers will send samples and let you try it so you know what you like before buying. That can be a BIG money saver! I hate wasting money on things i can never use or that don’t look right!

So the major points, rules and savings tips of this are, Always give yourself time before buying a big purchase ( big chance of sale or at another retailer for less), always keep your eyes open! Keep checking back!, don’t be afraid to buy from other countries or over seas (make sure they are places that are trusted) ( may save you major bucks!) , don’t be afraid to ask for samples or try runs of things!, download apps on your phone that have updates and sale reminders also, always look for going out of business sales, best savings! Happy shopping and looking your best for less 😉