Simple health tips

We all have days where we feel a little under the weather or something just doesn’t feel right, now i know we can’t fix everything but some things are really just simple changes. So today i decided to write about a few things i have learned over time that will hopefully work for a lot of others!
(I am in no way a professional, if you feel something is seriously wrong please consult one)

First tip i have is abdominal and back posture, i have a big tendency to sit in very slumped over positions, so over time i have really learned posture is a very important thing. From when you are siting down to standing up remember to re position yourself into where you posture is very straight. I notice the difference on days when i am busy and don’t think of it until the night time. Another tip along with that is stretching and strengthening your core. Along with exercising (which i need to do more of lol) i try at least 2 or more times a day to stand up with a very straight posture and tighten my core muscles for 20 seconds 2-3 times in a row. I saw and felt much improvement in a short amount of time.

Next is to change up your snacking and dieting, i see soo many women eating things they think are healthy but really just “diet” poison. Most foods that have diet on them are really the most unhealthy. From fake sugars to artificial flavors, you need to be careful. Always remember to read ingredients not just the front packaging, look for GMO’s, artificial ingredients, bad food dyes, bad oils and stuff that shouldn’t even be in food. Also skip GUM, sugar free gum has aspartame which is one of the worst ingredients ever, plus all the other fake horrible things in it. There is a few gum brands that are either organic or gmo free but they are hard to find. I guarantee just changing up these things will make you feel soo much better and improve your body!

Lastly skip the chemicals. Be careful what you are putting on your body, don’t go over board with perfume or body soaps/lotions, especially just cheaper generic brands. Some days i just try to skip all sprays/lotions except the needed ones and when i do use them i only use what i need. I also recently read horrible things about normal deodorant and once finding out the truth i found some great natural/organic brands at my local fred myer (they sell them online too), no they are not the normal strong smelling deodorants that most are used to, but i feel way better putting these kinds on my body and i’m sure you will too, especially after reading the kinds of chemicals in the normal ones.

Hope this helps.
xoxo ~ Rachel Christina ♥♥