Simple summer must haves : Skin and style

tumblr_n48xb5cLEl1roy5zpo1_500Summer and the warm weather is on its way for most of us. I know summer is always my favorite time of the year. From days of just relaxing in the sun to fun road trips, who doesn’t love the beautiful sun shinning and the wonderful warm feelings. But with the beautiful sometimes comes the difficult, these are the basics i believe all of us should have for a fun, eventful and enjoyable summer.

One of the first things that goes for everyone is a good lotion . In the summer my skin feels amazing, but if i don’t moisturize it enough my skin gets dry and looks dull in the colder weather, find a good lotion that works and stick with it! I recommend natural, hydrating ones like the Giovanni Cosmetics lotion.  Another thing for when you are spending time in the sun is to keep the lips hydrated, i recommend using EOS products, they are amazing and they are 100% natural! If your not into eos brand find a lip product that will keep your lips happy and healthy.

Now for girls that love to have a tan to them or like to spice up a natural tan, i recommend finding a great tanning lotion.  I know i love tanning in the sun, but you shouldn’t over do it. Stick to just a few days or less a week, then on weeks when you don’t go tanning, apply your tanning product to give you the look you want. (Remember to not go over broad, and to make sure you get the right color so you don’t turn orange!) I recommend using Natures gate glow lotion or Million dollar tan products .

The clothing must have is definitely a maxi dress! For one maxi dresses are beautiful, two they look great on anyone and third they give you just enough coverage. Lets say you forgot to shave your legs or a tan didn’t come out right, well a maxi dress still looks classy and there will be no worries! Also maxi dresses are great for when the weather is warm but just not warm enough for a short dress or shorts. They also look great layered with a jacket or sweater! One of my favorite places to buy cute, affordable maxi dresses is JCPenny and small boutiques online and around town.

Next is go to shades. Take time to go shopping and try on many pairs. Find a pair that fits your face and still can go with your day to day style. Neutral colors are best, but nothings wrong with a little design. We all have lazy days, so when the sun is out you have a excuse to throw on your glasses and not worry. Some of the best sun glasses come from the most random stores, so take your time finding the perfect pair.

When it comes to the perfect summer bag we are all very different, but when you are taking trips or just enjoying the day out we should all have a small over the body bag that is easy to carry and take with us. I found a great one at a local shop, but i rushed to buy it and after using it a few times i feel it is to small for my needs. So when you are trying to find the perfect “small” purse make sure to test it out with your important daily items that would need to fit in it.

Lastly summer is about fun, being bright and trying new things. Try out some new bright nail polishes or some fun lipsticks. Try new things that you like and dare to change up a bit.. Colors i’m loving for this summer are bright pinks, baby blues and all sorts of oranges. Think of some colors you like and try out a few!

xoxo ~ Rachel Christina ♥♥