When you meet someone special it can be the most amazing feeling in the world something  you never want to end , but what do you do when past baggage gets in the way from both sides? when that amazing feeling of love starts to fade and turn into worries and regrets and negative thoughts.. STOP RIGHT THERE!  been there and been through all of it , here is some positive ways to stop the negative before it even happens and continue on the road to love.

THE “CRAZY” EX —  I have been through many crazy ex girlfriends or “thinking” they are still girlfriend situations and they can be the most difficult… how can you act like a mature women but still this other women is making you wonder and start to go off. The thing is no matter what age a women is if she has letting go issues and attachment issues  there can be a big problem.  I remember my fiance had a ex that would call and text non stop saying crazy things and making up crazy stories. making me stressed out and causing tension between me and him. After a month of dealing with this i finally realized the problem! we were letting it go on , its like a child that acts up ( you keep giving them the attention they want and letting them see there getting to you there going to carry on) yes i know a child and adult are not suppose to be a like but in this situation they kinda are. You have to give them no attention and show that they will never get a rise out of you and if it starts to really bother you have a sit down conversion with you partner. I know in my situation it grew me and my man closer and if it doesn’t than maybe the relationship wasn’t meant to be. Your partner should always put your feelings first even in the start of a relationship. The last thing is make sure that your partner isn’t still in contact and leading them on to make you look like the bad one. I know with love things can be difficult especially with past relationships in the picture but just give it time and follow your heart. If things don’t feel right , maybe they aren’t.  Just be the strong true mature man/woman you are.


PAST WORRIES AND PROBLEMS / TRUST AND COMMUNICATION —   when you start a new relationship remember to start clean don’t let past problems get in the way. Things like getting cheated on and lied to are very hard to over come but past insecurities are big relationship killers. remember that this new person did nothing to you always keep you eyes open but don’t start to blame them for things they never did. once you feel the point of openness with them you can share what has happened just don’t give every detail and over talk it. ( I have went on a date and all the guy did was talk my ear off about his ex and all the stuff he did for her , yes i felt bad for the guy but no i was not attracted and instantly knew he wasn’t ready for a new relationship) so just tell the basics and be done with the subject and never talk about bad subjects on the first couple dates! . If you have to many trust issues you may not be ready for a new relationship just yet. Just stay friends with someone till you can trust them then see were it goes , but if happen to find that one perfect guy/girl  just remember everyday is a new start if this person is making the effort make that same effort back. If you ain’t feeling them tell them and if you are tell them. Be honest but not to open right away , make then earn you trust and your heart. Learn to love the right way take it slow and enjoy it. You will know if it is right. Remember the past but don’t let if ruin the future . If a relationship doesn’t work it was just a lesson of what you don’t want in the future.