When to splurge and when to save

1388231575586We all have brands and products that we can’t live without (believe me i understand) but nowadays there is so many similar products with big differences in price tags. I’ve always had a pet peeve of wasting what does not need to be wasted, so today i decided to write this article about things i believe should/can be splurged on and things i believe you can go budget friendly on, in all categories.

Firstly i wanna talk beauty products, the most important i believe should not always be budget or cheapest on is a good cover up, now let me tell you i understand drug stores have some amazing makeup under $15 and i’m all for some brands but if you really want to have a flawless look going on it will usually takes multiple products from the drugstore, so if you can go high end on cover up go for it! Also with breakouts and sensitive skin you have to be very careful. I truly love the L’oreal brand cover up i buy most the time, but if i would let myself i would buy mac from the coverage and the way the skin feels and looks from it. Now if you still wanna go with drugstore i believe to go with the top brands that have been around for awhile and the one that others have raved about.

Next i wanna talk eyeshadows/pigments, for eyeshawdows yes i believe that the $5 and under ones are not worth it, some have proven that wrong but most the time cheap eyeshawdow never stays on and is gone by the end on the day, totally not worth it to save on, but on the other hand pigments are a whole different story. With pigments the are like a base i like adding a dap of water with mine and they last all day even the most inexpensive ones! Save, save save!

Lastly for beauty products i wanna talk brushes, i have had a few more expensive brushes and totally loved them but randomly over the years i found some amazing cheaper brushes which made me start to think that the price on the brush may not always mean the quality. My favorite brand to buy is ELF, their prices are more than amazing, they last long and barley shed. I have found other brushes i love in sections of random drugs store also for around $10 or less and 8 out of 10 times the brushes end up working wonderful. For brushes and saving i say buy a few lower priced brands try them out then go back and get more of the brand you like in all the brushes you need.

Thinking for perfume and sprays its a hard one, of course every women wants one nice perfume she will always love to buy and wear but over the years and running out of perfume quickly because of sizes and prices i realized sometimes it is better to save, not in buying a perfume but by switching to sprays, i love me my bath and body works and Victoria secret body sprays, both are around $12 a bottle, but what i really love other than the price is the size! They seem like they last forever and their scents too! There is nothing wrong with splurging on your favorite perfume but if you want to save buy three body sprays for the price of one bottle of perfume and still smell amazing.

For clothing, what can i say, i have way to much. But little do people know i love to save. The funniest thing is some of my cheapest priced clothing is what i get the most complements on. You don’t always have to spend a million bucks to look a million bucks, so if you can find a cheaper price on a item go for it. I especially like to save on tops, almost every girl loves to change up her tops/ look day to day so why spend $100 on a top your only going to wear it once when you can save and get 3 or 4 for that same price. If you see a expensive clothing item you got to have and you have the money for it go for it! But like i said there is nothing wrong with budgeting or looking for deals. Especially since most clothing is made out of the same material. When it comes to certain clothing items/accessorizes that can be a different story, going with a $20 purse may look cute now but not when the handles break every 2 months and you have to keep buying a new one. On things that are made for daily use and made cheaply you are going to end up spending more by having to keep replacing them, so in the category i say splurge 😉

When it comes to items we don’t know if we should splurge or save on just think, will this have daily use or is there a alternative that will work the same but better priced?..
Some things are necessary to splurge on but others are great to save on. Shopping and being smart at the same time i think is a great quality all woman must have ♥

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xoxo ~ `Rachel Christina ♥♥